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Ahlgrens Bilar

Swedish Delights on Four Wheels! Since 1953, these playful, chewy treats have captivated hearts with fruity flavors like raspberry, lemon, and lime. Share the joy and indulge in the Sweet Side of Sweden with Ahlgrens Bilar!

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Candy bags filled with marshmallow gummies in the shape of classical cars, fresh from the factory.

The candy company Ahlgrens Bilar market their sweets as the best selling cars in Sweden. And they have absolutely right! Ahlgrens bilar is one of the most popular and well know brands on the Swedish candy market. Always delivered fresh from the car candy factory that is guaranteed!

Their candy bags that are filled with sweet candy cars has always been a best seller in the Swedish candy market. They are even well know all around the world!

They have always offered their classic Original candy bag but through the years the have developed more amazing products with different textures and flavour profiles like these Sour Sweets. Here you have the whole collection: Original, Sour And Sugary, Salty Licorice, Fruit Combo, Electric Cars and Licorice Tires.

One of the best selling Swedish Candy brands on the Scandinavian market

As mentioned this is Swedens most sold car and has delivered fresh sweets from the candy factory for many years. Lately they have launched a enviormental friendly alternative. The Electric Cars! Sweet right?

All candy bags by Ahlgrens Bilar are a safe bet if you just are about to start to explore the Swedish candyland. But still they are some of the top pick sweets even among the most professional candy enthusiasts!

Our recommendation would be start with the Original as they are a safe bet for sure! And if you are feeling a little risky then take a chance at try one of their more adventurous candy bags like the Sour And Sugary.