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Classic Swedish Pick 'N Mix Candy Bags Straight from the Candy Factory

The Swedish candy factory Aroma has always kept it simple. They are and has always been a classic and historical Swedish candy factory. Many of the other Swedish manufacturers deliver classic products at the same time as they work with development of their classic well know products. Compared to them Aroma keeps it very simple. They want to keep the classic Swedish candy as genuine as they have always been. Their candy selection tastes the same as it did when their candy factory just opened many years ago. If you are looking to explore real Swedish candy history. You have it right here! In packed in practical candy bags straight from the candy factory. Sweet right? Classic Swedish pick 'n mix candy delivered straight to your door in a modern way!

The Best Swedish Pick 'N Mix Candy Bags Straight from the Warehouse Online

Classic Swedish pick n´ mix candy packed in a practical candy bag. Delivered fresh from the candy factory and warehouse as all our other delicious sweets! A classic candy delivered to your doorstep in a not so classic way. Their selection is simple and very easy to enjoy! A safe bet both for kids and adults. All their sweets are easy to enjoy, and you can feel comfortable when choosing between all their delicious candy bags. We at Candy by Sweden really like the Boats because it is a perfectly balance blend of two very popular flavors. Simple and delicious! A piece of the best Swedish candy history packed in a practical candy bag for you to enjoy!