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Incredible snacks from Estrella, only real Swedish Snacks from Sweden

The Swedish brand Estrella is in top two of snacks brands from Sweden. They deliver snacks with incredible flavors at an affordable price.

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Estrella is one of the leading snack brands on the Swedish market. They are working hard to continuously deliver new amazing products. They are pushing out new delicious products all the time!

Lately they have been producing functional snacks and the do not fear to experiment a lot with their production in the snack factory. They are working effectively to make their snacks healthier, and they are trying out new production methods all the time. They are now producing lentil snacks and sweet potato chips. And they also deliver vegan friendly products to make every snack lover welcomed! There are working with clean production and do everything to make the products less refined and healthier.

Instead of frying their products some of them are carefully baked instead. Resulting in a healthy end product with reduced fat content. Their healthy and vegan collection has grown and many of their products have high protein content and more fiber. Resulting in a healthy and functional snack. The snack category is now also working as meal replacement choice with their higher protein and fiber content!

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Estrella is one of the best Swedish snack manufacturers in Scandinavia. As mentioned, they are working hard to develop new and functional snacks that also effectively work as meal replacements. The production techniques are steady under development resulting in a high-end product. The are testing different raw materials and production methods giving you the best Swedish snack on the market! New textures, shapes and flavors are coming out. And now we offer you the latest collection online straight from the snack factory!