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Super Sour Candy Bag S-Märke
S-Märke Super Salty by Sweet Side of Sweden
S-Märke Sour Cola by Sweet Side of Sweden
S-Märke Raspberry Sour by Sweet Side of Sweden
S-Märke Salty Foam by Sweet Side of Sweden

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Candy Bags by the Swedish Candy Brand S-Mark By Candy People

This candy brand has been on the Swedish candy market for a very long time and is well know by the Swedish community. They have always offered a wide selection of candy bags and pick n' mix choices. There is a colour and flavour profile for every candy lover. It is not a simple task to choose between all their treats! As mentioned they have always offered a broad selection and in the recent years it has grown even more! And the new contribution to the warehouse is their selection of their candy bags called Chews. That delivers new type of candy experience! Our favourites are Salty Chews!

Candy Bags from Your Swedish Candy Warehouse Online

Just like all other delicious treats that we offer on Candy by Sweden. The same applies to this candy category. We always source your goods directly from the warehouse that gets the candy bags straight from the candy factory! We always guarantee to deliver your goods as fresh at possible. So that you can save your treats in your candy jar just for that special occasion! Do not hesitate, explore out sweet candy collection now