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Pingvinstång Mint


Toms Penguin Stick Mint

Toms Penguinstick Mint is a popular candy product created by Toms, a confectionery brand based in Denmark. It is a mint-flavored candy stick known for its refreshing taste and enjoyable texture.

The Penguinstick Mint is a long, thin candy stick that offers a cool and invigorating mint flavor. The mint taste is fresh and soothing, providing a burst of freshness with each bite. The candy stick is smooth and chewy, allowing you to savor the flavor as you enjoy it.

Toms Penguinstick Mint is often recognized for its playful packaging, featuring a penguin character on the label. This adds to the fun and appeal of the candy, making it a favorite choice among candy enthusiasts.


Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, syrup, WHEAT FLOUR (GLUTEN), modified corn and potato starch, fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm kernel, coconut), humectant (glycerol), raw licorice, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), thickener (gum arabic), salt, peppermint oil 0.1%, flavor. Filling 60%.


27g: 57402376.