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Sourcream & Onion Chips


Sourcream & Onion Chips

Delicious crispy chips with flavor of Sourcream & Onion.

Flavor: The chips are coated with a tangy and savory seasoning that replicates the taste of sour cream and onions. This flavor combination is widely enjoyed by snack enthusiasts around the world.

Texture: The chips are made from sliced potatoes, which are then fried until they achieve a crispy and crunchy texture. The seasoning adheres well to the chips, providing a burst of flavor with each bite.

Aroma: When you open a bag of Sourcream & Onion chips, you'll be greeted with a pleasant and appetizing aroma of sour cream and onions, which can be quite enticing.


Potatoes, sunflower and rapeseed oil, seasoning blend (salt, onion powder, WHEY powder (from MILK), sugar, natural flavor, BUTTERMILK powder, yeast extract, CREAM powder, yeast powder, parsley, garlic powder, acid (lactic acid, citric acid)).


275g: 7340005403554.