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Tutti Frutti Pastilles


Fazer Tutti Frutti Pastilles

Tutti Frutti Pastilles come in a small, pill-shaped form, making them convenient for snacking on the go. Each pastille offers a burst of fruity taste that is both sweet and tangy, providing a refreshing and satisfying treat.

The candies are available in a variety of flavors, which may include combinations such as strawberry, orange, lemon, and raspberry. These fruity flavors are carefully crafted to capture the essence of real fruits, creating an enjoyable and authentic taste experience.

The chewy texture of Tutti Frutti Pastilles adds to the enjoyment, allowing you to savor the candy as it slowly dissolves in your mouth. This makes them ideal for those who enjoy candies with a longer-lasting flavor.


sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, stabilizer (E420), acidity regulators (E330, E331), coloring foods (concentrate of sweet potato/apple and safflower), natural flavor, glazing agent (E903). MAY CONTAIN WHEAT.


25g: 6411401037191.