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Candy Bag with Sour and Chewy Classic Car Gummies with Fruity Flavor

With a flavor that combines sour and chewy goodness, our classic car gummies are sure to satisfy. Each bag has a mix of sweet gummies, boasting an impressive assortment of fruity flavors. With their classic shape and array of vibrant colors, these little candies make a great addition to every party. Our candy bag is ready when you are! These classic cars are the perfect fruity snack for both kids and adults. Sour and chewy with a great taste to flavor punch, these classic cars will keep you coming back for more!

Ahlgrens Bilar "Elbilar"


Sugar, glucose syrup, starch, gelatin, acids (E334, E270), invert sugar syrup, flavorings, fully cured palm fat, colors (E141, carmine).


130g: 7310350131402.