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Swedish Pick and Mix candy

A Guide to the Best Swedish Candy For Beginners

by Dennis Sahlin
Fri Jul 14 2023

Candy, or as the swedes call it godis is a culturally big deal in Sweden. Picking out candy and chocolate at the end of the week to enjoy during the weekend is a big moment for kids, teenagers and even adults.

Most commonly the Swedes on a Friday after work go to a store to pick out some lösviktsgodis (pick 'n' mix candy), candy bags and chocolate bars from a huge selection of them.

Learn some candy related words in Swedish that are good to know


Godis – Candy

Fredagsmys – Friday coziness

Lördagsgodis – Saturday candy

Lösviktsgodis – Pick 'n' Mix candy

Gottegris – Somebody experiencing something enjoyable (e.g. going on a vacation or eating candy on a weekday)


Do Swedish people only eat candy on Fridays and saturdays?

While Fredagsmys and Lördagsgodis was born and became somewhat of a standard after the government conducted studies on the sugar's effect on teeth health in the 1940s, not everyone adheres to the tradition.

Of course, a bunch of Swedes eat Swedish candy on a normal weekday. Though, usually children will have to wait till the weekend comes around to enjoy it.

Is Swedish candy popular among swedes?

Surprisingly way more than you'd think. Swedish people are the world's largest consumer of candy in the world! On average, every Swedish person will eat 1.5kg or 3.3lbs a month. That's a bit over that's 17kg or 37.5lbs every year!

In other words, candy is way more than popular in Sweden, it's essential.

Top tier Swedish chocolate

Marabou Milk chocolate - the finest Swedish Chocolate

Marabou Mjölkchoklad - the Swedish Chocolate

Marabou milk chocolate is the simple go to chocolate in Sweden. Don't get us wrong though, simple doesn't mean bad; in fact, and in this case, it means pretty darn amazing. They come in a bunch of different versions such as the "Oreo chocolate bar" or even the "Popcorn chocolate bar" with usually two or three new versions coming out every year. These goes increadibly well with any Swedish candy, you simply have to try them!

Cloetta Kexchoklad

Kexchoklad a Swedish Chocolate by cloetta

A classic wafer chocolate bar covered in milk chocolate made by Cloetta. They're super crunchy and extremely tasty. Perfect as a quick pick-me-up snack. Kexchoklad can often be seen in sporting events such as skiing and soccer as Cloetta are avid sports and exercise sponsors.

Swedish candy sweets and licorice

Malaco Gott & Blandat - Swedish candy for everyone

Gott & Blandat Swedish Candy by Malaco

Gott & Blandat means "Good & Mixed" directly translated from Swedish referencing that it's a mix of really good fruity gummies and sweet licorice. The candy comes in various shapes and one of them being the famous Swedish Fish. If you're looking for the perfect Swedish candy bag to start with, this should be your first choice.

Malaco Djungelvrål

Malaco Djungelvrål

Djungelvrål are a chewy licorice candy in the shape of monkeys. They come coated in a powerful salty licorice powder. Perfect to share with a friend or a loved one just to see their reaction. Swedes love 'em!

Cloetta Ahlgrens Bilar

The Swedish Candy shaped like tiny cars

Ahlgrens Bilar are car-shaped marshmallow-like gummies with sweet fruit taste. They come in three beautiful pastel colors. And as Cloetta themselves say it's "Sweden's tastiest car". Both the original and the "Salty Licorice" versions are extremely popular in Sweden and has been a mainstay since 1953.

Tutti Frutti


Tutti Frutti is somewhat like a sweeter less chewy Wine Gummies. They come in a large array of variations such as "Tutti Frutti sour" and "Tutti Frutti passion". "Tutti Frutti original" includes various colorful and fruit shaped gummies such as orange, lemon and raspberry. This is one incredibly popular Swedish Candy around the world.

Where can I buy real Swedish candy and Swedish Chocolate?

We offer a huge selection of Swedish, Finnish and Scandinavian candy/licorice/chocolate and gummies here at Sweet Side of Sweden.

Do Swedes actually eat Swedish Fish?

Sadly no, not really. the closest you'd get to Swedish fish in Sweden would be the salty licorice fish or the fish-shaped gummy in Gott & Blandat. So, they're not really popular in Sweden, at least not as popular as the Swedish candy - Swedish fish is in the United States.

Note from the editor: While most candy and chocolate here is produced in Sweden some might be made in other Nordic countries such as the Finnish Fazer. They're still included in this article under the label Swedish Candy as they're extremely popular in Sweden and this list just wouldn't be complete without them.